Kolache Festival and Kolache Bake Show in Caldwell Texas; Bakers Prepare for Next Year! !

I was not able to attend the free 28th Annual Kolache Festival scheduled for Saturday, September 8th, 2012 in Burleson County.  The one day event is held around the downtown area “on the square,” [the Courthouse Square] and spills over into the adjoining streets and businesses to host more than 20,000 visitors.

Kolaches are small wedding pastries made with fruit or meat toppings and fillings. I recall not having grown up eating a pastry by this name, but when I did in Victoria, Texas many years ago (I hate to say how long, really) it instantly became one of my favorite pastries to discover shortly after I moved there for a job assignment.

Bakers have competed for twenty-five years to win the coveted title of “Burleson County Grand Champion.”  In 2003, by state-wide demand, the Kolache Bake Show expanded to five divisions, including a “State Grand Champion” and “Burleson County Grand Champion,” plus a youth division for both Burleson County & State Division. The Bake Show competition features celebrity judges from far and wide casting their votes for the absolutely best kolache.

Visit the website www.burlesoncountytx.com and click on “Kolache Festival” to view the guidelines and entry form and prepare for next year if you like to bake/compete.

Caldwell, Texas is located in central Texas, 22 miles southwest of Bryan-College Station, 100 miles northwest of Houston, 75 miles northeast of Austin and 175 miles south of Dallas-Fort Worth at the intersection of State Highways 21 and 36.  Caldwell is within 200 miles of 85% of the total population of the state.


Liz Lopez


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