El Mariachi 20th Anniversary Celebration is a Blast; Chingon Performance was Great!

Robert Rodriguez walks the red carpet before the screening and talks to the press members

Actors Peter Marquardt [L] and Carlos Gallardo have fun on the red carpet in front of the Paramount Theater in Austin for the 20th anniversary celebration. Funds raised were for the Austin Film Society’s Texas Filmmaker Production Fund. Looking on in the background is Agnes Varnum, AFS Director of Marketing. [Photos ELinksToday.com staff]

Director Robert Rodriguez, with actors Carlos Gallardo and Peter Marquardt on the Paramount Theater stage after the screening and preceding the Chingon concert, with Robert and members of Austin based Del Castillo band members.

EL MARIACHI is a 1992 American action film that was the debut of writer/director Robert Rodriguez. El Mariachi (played by Carlos Gallardo) is a traveling musician who wanders into a small mob-run town where he is mistaken for a notorious hit man known for carrying his weapons in a guitar case. In 2011, the film was inducted into the Library of Congress to be preserved as part of its National Film Registry for being culturally, historically, and aesthetically significant.


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