Earlier this summer Alamo Drafthouse proposed a challenge: create a milkshake that is as cleverly titled as it is delicious and it will be featured on the menu nation wide.  The rules were simple, each entry required a vanilla ice cream base and up to 5 additional ingredients chosen from a list of items Alamo already stocks in its locations. The contest was a huge success and there were over 2,000 entries that were then whittled down to 12 finalists.

Now that they have recovered from a collective sugar high, the Judging Panel for Alamo Drafthouse Milkshake Challenge is ready to announce the winners.  Judged on the creativity of the name as well as the taste, some of the finalists included “Gourd of the Rings: One Shake to Rule Them All”, “Holy Cannoli”, “A Chocwork Orange”, and “Waken & Bacon”.  All of the milkshakes packed their own unique punch, but two rose above the rest.  Congratulations to the creators of our Grand Prize winning shake “Concessions Of A Dangerous Mind” and the second place shake “Lemony Thickness: A Series of Fortunate Ingredients.”  The race between these two shakes was so close that the judging panel decided to add a second place category.  The creators of the 12 of the shakes that made it to the judge’s table will receive a $50 Alamo Drafthouse gift card.

The Grand Prize winner, “Concessions of a Dangerous Mind,” is a delicious concoction of mixed caramel syrup, malt, peanut butter, root beer and topped with whip cream and caramel popcorn for a treat that combined all the best movie theater snacks into one sweet treat.  Creator Mary Houseman will not only receive 3 months of free, unlimited movies but will also have her milkshake on every Alamo Drafthouse menu nation wide!

The second place winner, “Lemony Thickness: A Series of Fortunate Ingredients,” is a combination of brown sugar lemonade, violet syrup, prosecco and whipped cream with a shot of lemon syrup over the top.  The mastermind behind this shake, Natalie Thompson, will receive a $50 Alamo Drafthouse gift card and be featured on all Austin Alamo Drafthouse menus for approximately 3 months.


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