THE FANTASTIC FEST 2012 BUMPER CONTEST; Entries Due September 15th

Fantastic Fest, Alamo Drafthouse and Badass Digest are thrilled to present the Fantastic Fest 2012 Bumper Contest!  Every year Fantastic Fest hosts a bumper creation contest where filmmakers are invited to create the most outrageous and entertaining thirty second video possible.

Fantastic Fest will use as many entries as possible and play different bumpers onscreen before every single screening during the festival with two goals in mind: 1) to represent the creativity (and often bizarre sense of humor) of the Fantastic Fest community and 2) to ensure that unlike otherfestivals, the audience at Fantastic Fest won’t have to sit through the same six or seven bumpers over and over again.

Your bumper can be almost anything you can imagine, but there are three ground rules:

  1. The theme this year is Time Travel Is Fantastic. Feel free to interpret that in whatever manner you choose.
  2. The video must be between 15 seconds and 45 seconds.
  3. The last line of dialogue or narration in the video must be, “That’s fantastic!”

Check out some bumpers from previous festivals for inspiration!

All 2012 Fantastic Fest bumper videos selected by the programming committee will be screened in front of an unsuspecting audience during Fantastic Fest (September 20-27, 2012). Each of those audiences will include visiting filmmakers from around the world, press from the likes of Badass Digest, IFC, TwitchFilm, Fangoria, SlashFilm, Film Threat, Ain’t It Cool News, Variety, USA Today and more, plus a legion of the most devoted and intelligent genre film fans on the planet.

And as if that weren’t enough, there are more prizes!
The Fantastic Fest programming committee will select the Top 4 bumper finalists, and members of the Filmmaking Frenzy voting community will select the 5th finalist.

The Top 5 bumpers will play at the Fantastic Fest 2012 Awards Ceremony, and the audience will select the grand-prize winner. That winner will receive two VIP badges to Fantastic Fest 2013!  These VIP badges are always sold out by the end of the previous year’s festival, and they are seriously hot ticket items.  VIP Badges include an exclusive limited edition t-shirt and poster, plus a souvenir Fantastic Fest shoulder bag filled with tons of fun swag.  The main benefit of the VIP badge, however, is guaranteed admission to the movie of your choice at any given show time at next year’s Fantastic Fest.

The Fantastic Fest 2012 Bumper Contest is hosted by Badass Digest, and you can read all rule submissions and guidelines and submit your film here:

Fantastic Fest runs from September 20 through September 27, and because time is needed to build the festival’s preshow, Fantastic Fest Bumper Contest entries are all due no later than Saturday, September 15, 2012.  Any videos received after that date can’t be guaranteed to play during the festival and won’t be eligible for any prizes. Good luck and be fantastic!

Look for more film & event programming announcements for Fantastic Fest in the weeks ahead.  For the latest developments, tickets and badges visit the Fantastic Fest official site and follow us on Facebook & Twitter.

About Badass Digest  Springing from the movie-loving culture of the Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas, Badass Digest is putting the fun back in being a nerd. We know that people who love movies also love travel, good beer, tasty food, cool clothes and keeping up with the weirdest, craziest corners of pop culture. From cult classics to new blockbusters, from the latest TV shows to this week’s comic books, from the BBQ to the brew pub, Badass Digest is there finding the best and most interesting for the badass generation.  What is a badass? A badass is someone who is unique, uncompromising and dedicated to following their vision. A badass is someone blazing their own path, someone setting the standard. Fashion and fads come and go but badass is forever.


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