Dax Shepard Writes and Co-Directs Hit and Run



With a classic yet effective story, the feature film Hit and Run is written to entertain a wide range of viewers, transforming a traditional masculine genre in a different offering. Showing a sensitive side, including romance, and tough characters, this comedy combines action and high velocity with a dose of humor that may cause some viewers to want more. That all depends if they are fans of actor Dax Shepard (When in Rome, Baby Mama) and his humor. He wrote the script and is co-director with David Palmer. For film fans who have doubts about paying to see the film in the theater, well I will recommend it but with precaution. It is violent in some scenes and not the typical rom-com.

It seems that Shepard has surrounded himself with friends to complete this project and thanks to the whole crew, Shepard has the opportunity to move up in his carreer. For starters, the movie couple (Shepard y Kristin Bell) are also a real life couple, and this chemistry comes across in the film. They are not the only ones who know each other, as the cast members are friends. On the other hand, this singular characteristic is what makes Hit and Run a combination that stands out among low budget films and has well known actors like Bradley Cooper and Tom Arnold.

Another component of the movie includes fast cars and chases. A native of a small town outside of Detroit, Shepard was raised among automobiles. His family was in the car industry and led the director to pay tribute with this film to greats about cars and their  heros, such as The Cannonball Run and Bullitt.

In the new comedy Hit and Run, a former bank robber driver, something hidden, a dangerous band of  criminals, high speed chases and humor are combined for viewers when this film releases August 22 in theaters nationwide.

Charlie Bronson (Shepard), an ex thief, lives a quiet life in a small town with his girl, Annie (Bell), who knows little about his past life. Previously after participating in a bank robbery, Bronson is arrested and to remain free and enter the witness program, he ends up giving up his partner in crime and best friend, Alex Dmitri (Cooper), who ends up spending eight months in prison. Things are going well for Bronson until Annie receives a tempting job offer that requires her to move to Los Angeles. Charlie decides to come out of hiding to support Annie, but Dmitri plans to get revenge. Charlie is not alone and has the lawman, Randy (Tom Arnold) on his side, but at times is just better off alone.

Definitely, Charlie does what he does for Annie, and Hit and Run does not stop being a story about a couple in love who fight to keep their relationship afloat, no matter what they face.

By Liz López

Rating B-


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