Danish Comedy KLOWN Arrives in Theaters in Austin, New York and Los Angeles

This is a hard call for me, given that overall I like the script of the acclaimed Danish comedy, Klown, because it is such a different comedy from what I am used to seeing, BUT, I do not endorse having a minor along for the ride that two grown male friends take through the Danish countryside. There is a very fine line by saying I like the film although I do not necessarily like all of the content. There are plenty of social taboos and unspeakable debaucheries in the Danish film. To say that it has adult themes is putting it mildly.

It is difficult to try not to say very much in this situation when there are points I can site that are definite spoilers. Sex on the brain of these two men, one more than the other, makes them not think clearly and segments of US audiences will not be receptive to the comedy in this script.

Not all readers of Klown reviews would be disappointed over the “spoilers” if they attended Fantastic Fest last September where the international hit comedy made its Texas premiere and won “Best Picture” in the Comedy Features competition, or if fans attended Fantasia where it also won “Best Film.”  Attendees of both festivals have created a buzz. Drafthouse Films has acquired Klown and will provide film fans of raunchy comedy the opportunity to view the film in theaters when it opens in New York Los Angeles and Austin on July 27th as well as available on VOD the same date.

The film has been called “outrageous,” but what I think may be more outrageous is that it has recently been tapped for an English language remake with Todd Phillips producing and starring Danny McBride. I can only imagine which character McBride will be of these two featured in the Danish film, but not sure who will be the sidekick. My curiosity will be to see how far the U. S. will allow them to go with the script and the use of the minor boy in the film. I honestly do not look forward to the remake, as I do not see how a U.S. filmmaker can top Mikkel Nøgaard’s Klown, one based on a popular six-season television show by the same name.

The celebrated Danish comedians, Frank Hvam and Casper Christensen, are great comedic actors who perform as the two friends who get away from wife and girlfriend for the weekend. Trying to prove he can potentially be a good father, Frank “kidnaps” his pregnant girlfriend’s 12-year-old nephew to join his best friend Casper on a canoe trip. Not any regular trip, but one that covers for Casper’s true intentions. The three paddle downstream from one misadventure to the next. The ending is a blast from the past.

There are several films opening this weekend, but if a person wants to view a radically different adult themed comedy without all the silly slapstick added by US screenwriters, this foreign film is the one indulge in this opening weekend. Move over, The Hangover 2- this is what real well written comedy looks like.

By Liz Lopez

Rating B


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