Seth MacFarlane’s TED Opens in Theaters Today

This may be one of the briefest film reviews I have prepared. After having viewed Ted, from Universal Pictures, it is simple to me – fans of the television show Family Guy will most likely love it and those television viewers who opt of the animated show will also decide to opt out of paying to see Ted.

I felt as if I was watching Family Guy, except the lead is a bear and there are humans in the film. The television show’s creator, Seth MacFarlane is the writer, director, producer and voice star of Ted. The humor is the same, much of which does not appeal to me. But I am sure this script is written for fans of MacFarlane’s brand of humor.

Ted, the bear is very cute and cuddly, but this one is not one meant for your child to play with. In fact, it thinks and acts as if it is human; one that does not have to comply with any of rules in society.

Mark Wahlberg stars as John Bennett, who is now the grown man and best friend to the stuffed bear that came alive as if he was human one holiday many years prior.  He wished for a best friend and got it, but he has to deal with the issue that this friend never goes away, no matter how it affects his four year relationship with his girlfriend, Lori Collins (Mila Kunis).

I thoroughly enjoy most all films that Wahlberg performs in, with the exception his character, Terry Hoitz in The Other Guys (2010) with Will Ferrell. As I watched Wahlberg in some of the scenes, I could not help but recall a similar performance. It is most likely that I did not like the humor in that film either.

Kunis is lovely and I do like her comedic performance since That 70s Show and she does a good job mixing up the comedy along with the romance and drama when she has had it with John and Ted. She is one bright spot in the film.

This live action/CG-animated comedy, narrated by Patrick Stewart in some scenes, also includes Joel McHale, as Rex, the lowlife boss Lori has to deal with daily instead of filing a sexual harassment suit and Giovanni Ribisi, as Donny who is a mental case with desires to own Ted. Ribisi has some excellent lines and definitely excels as a creep. His dance scene is too much!

The other bright spot in the film is Norah Jones who portrays herself in a scene other than on the concert stage. I just cannot imagine how she and Ted would have been together at any point though. MacFarlane certainly does have an imagination, for sure.

Decide how you want to spend your movie bucks this weekend, but if you are the fence about going to see this film, opt for the matinee or early bird. You won’t be as sorry for paying for it if you do not like it.


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