Magic Mike opens in theaters Today

Going into the film Magic Mike, featuring Austin resident and recently married Matthew McConaughey, and a slew of other handsome men, it can be cause for much anticipation among the legions of fans. I entered with anticipation of having a pleasurable time and yet, at the end of the film, I did not leave as satisfied as I had wished. In fact, at the end of the screening I heard several of the women viewers in the audience let out sounds of dissatisfaction or disappointment. Several stories going on begin to confuse.

All the actors are physically fit and have good dance moves individually and in their group performances by choreographer Alison Faulk, wearing costumes by costume designer Christopher Peterson to the songs by music supervisor Frankie Pine.

Directed by Oscar® winner Steven Soderbergh (Traffic), Magic Mike is written by Reid Carolin, who also performs as Paul in the film, and serves as a producer, along with Channing Tatum, Nick Wechsler and Gregory Jacobs. Tatum stars as Mike who is an entrepreneur by day roofing houses, detailing cars and designing furniture from his Tampa beach condo. It is his night gig at Club Xquisite for six years that has earned him the big bucks to pursue his dream of being his own boss and getting a Small Business Association loan to fulfill the dream. Dancing, partying and making easy money is not his long term goal.

The word on the street is that Tatum has experience working in the male dance club industry. He subsequently has applied his many talents and dance moves in the films Step Up (2006) and Step Up 2: The Streets (2008) as Tyler Gage. Tatum has not lost his ability to bring on that style of dance in one scene as the hot headliner in an all-male revue, but much more provocative and with fewer clothes than before as far as I can recall from the past films. He is also known for several of the romantic films he has starred in since then and his performance is similar with two of the women in the film, Joanna (Olivia Munn) and Brooke (Cody Horn), sister to the young man he is mentoring as a dancer, Kid (Alex Pettyfer).

Club Xquisite owner Dallas (Matthew McConaughey) is a very proud Texan and maintains himself physically fit to show off that bronzed body in the film as he greets the customers with the famous drawl and displays his own brand of dancing and singing for the crowd. I like this actor and his performance, in particular, that of a seasoned pro in that industry that also seems to have a slight sleazy side.

Magic Mike stars Ken (Matt Bomer), Big Dick Richie (Joe Manganiello), Tarzan (Kevin Nash), Tito (Adam Rodriguez) who are Mike’s fellow dancers and Tobias (Gabriel Iglesias) is the DJ and pill pusher who invites the kid into his illicit business. He is a bit too soft for trying to portray someone in the drug dealing business. It is quite a departure for Puerto Rican/Cuban Adam Rodriguez (Erik Delko character from CSI: Miami) to be quite the professional investigator to one who wears minimal clothes and shakes his booty as a stripper, but he does entice the ladies in the crowd.

I suggest instead of a girl’s night out, save some movie bucks and make it an afternoon event to see this film rated R by the MPAA for pervasive sexual content, graphic nudity, language and drug use.


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